Benedict as “counter-pope?

Benedict as 'counter-pope?

Sharp criticism of Benedict XVI. The theologian Albert Biesinger formulates the statements attributed to him. With regard to the arrivals that have now become known, Biesinger spoke of a “delicate procedure”.

Apparently a group around Curia Cardinal Robert Sarah wanted Benedict XVI to. as a “counter-pope” build. “I hope that this will lead Pope Francis to follow his own inspirations all the more decisively.”

The theologian was referring to a book in which Benedict XVI. and Cardinal Sarah defends the obligatory celibacy of priests. Excerpts from the work, which is scheduled to appear Wednesday, were published Monday by the French daily Le Figaro.

“Disappointment at the base”

Such views, according to Biesinger, lead to great disappointment at the Catholic base.

Many families with communion children are already asking themselves how their offspring can participate in Eucharistic celebrations near their own homes in view of the prevailing shortage of priests.

Against “Church in Yesterday

On the basis of his lectures and on-site insights, he urgently advises against a church stuck in yesterday, which, in the sense of Cardinal Sarah, is not interested in liturgical developments, said the emeritus religious educator. "Young families will certainly not be attracted to involvement in local churches in this way."

Benedict XVI. has since denied co-authorship of the book. Cardinal Sarah, however, defended the previous account.

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