“Dearest and most beautiful prize”

When Oswald Nell Breuning died in 1991 at the age of 101, he was considered one of the most important social scientists of his century. In honor of the Jesuit father, the city of Trier will award a prize named after him for the fifth time next year. It goes to the former Federal Minister of Labor Norbert Blum. And the already very much looks forward.

The decision for Blum gave mayor Klaus Jensen on Monday (29.11.2010) known in the Moselle city. Thus the life's work of the CDU social politician Blum and his personal connection with the name giver of the price is appreciated, stressed Jensen.

In a phone call with Jensen, Blum called the award his "favorite and most beautiful prize". It went to his heart, as he had most revered Nell-Breuning. Blum described Nell-Breuning as an "incorruptible fighter for justice and great truth-tellers" who did not tell anyone what they wanted to hear. The award is to be presented to Blum in Trier in early April.

From Kirchhof to Vogel
The prize, named after the Moselle-born Jesuit and doyen of Catholic social teaching Oswald von Nell-Breuning, has been awarded every two years since 2003 and is endowed with 10,000 euros.000 euros in prize money. So far, the former Federal Arrest Judge Paul Kirchhof (2003), former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt (2005), the Pontifical Work for Development Aid, "Cor unum" (2007), and most recently the brothers Bernhard and Hans-Jochen Vogel have been honored. Nell-Breuning, who died in 1991 at the age of 101, is considered one of the most important social scientists of the past century.

Jensen praised Blum as a key contributor to Germany's sociopolitical history. He spoke of a long-standing exchange of ideas between Nell-Breuning and Blum, marked by mutual respect and trust. Blum had always considered himself Nell-Breuning's disciple and had taken advice from Nell-Breuning in the sense of a Christian-social policy.

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