Pandemic exposes 'social diseases'

Pandemic exposes 'social diseases'

Pope Francis in the private library in the Vatican © Vatican Media/Romano Siciliani (CBA)

No one may impose personal or collective interest at the expense of others, Pope Francis says. The human family is vulnerable in this regard, as the pandemic of recent months has shown.

Against the backdrop of the Corona crisis, Pope Francis has expressed concern about growing selfishness. The pandemic has brought "social diseases" to light, he said in his weekly video address Wednesday. Specifically, he deplored a view of people that disregards their dignity and sees them as objects.

The pope strongly criticized an assertion of personal or collective self-interest at the expense of others. The dignity of every person is inalienable, regardless of race, language or circumstances, he stressed. It is not only individual rights that are at stake, but also those of groups, peoples and nations. Christians should not remain inactive in the face of human rights violations.

Proximity of church teaching to the declaration of human rights

Francis pointed to the closeness of Catholic teaching on human rights after the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Christians, he urged a "watchful eye especially for those who suffer". The faithful should recognize their responsibility and work creatively for humanity and creation. It is necessary to rediscover what it means to be a human family.

The pandemic has shown how vulnerable everyone is and how much they need each other. "If we do not take care of each other, keeping in mind the good of all creation, there will be no real healing," the pope emphasized. We must be grateful for the commitment of so many people who are showing human and Christian charity in these months.

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