Sign against increasing violence

Sign against increasing violence

Pistols and revolvers © Friso Gentsch

An unusual swap deal: In just 45 minutes, a church congregation in Homewood, near Pittsburgh, has sold a good 5.000 U.S. dollars paid out to gun owners, who in return turned in their rifles and revolvers.

The organizers of the Church of the Holy Cross had to end the unusual action on Monday only when the money was no longer sufficient to pay out the gun owners who were ready to hand in their weapons. In total, the community collected more than 100 handguns and nearly 50 rifles; their owners received amounts ranging from $50 to $100 for them. The return was anonymous.

Signs against increasing gun violence

With the "buy-back action" the organizers wanted to set a sign against increasing gun violence in their city. Demonstratively, they invited the gun owners to the 20. January, the national day of remembrance for assassinated civil rights leader Martin Luther King (1929-1968), who is revered worldwide as a symbolic figure of nonviolence. The money-for-guns campaign is also a response to a shooting near the church that killed two people in November.

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