Wood on wood

Wood on wood

Salisbury Cathedral is to be built out of… © Christopher Holton (shutterstock)

Wood on wood

…Millions of matches to be replicated © Shutter B Photo (shutterstock)

Salisbury Cathedral, England's church with the highest spire in the country, is to enter the Guinness Book of Records. But how? A miniature replica made of millions of matchsticks is supposed to make it possible.

Barry King, from the southwestern English county of Wiltshire, wants to restore the 13th-century cathedral to its original state. Century to be recreated in miniature – with six million matches, British media report (Tuesday).

Since Monday, a model of the west facade has been on display at Salisbury City Hall: this has King out of 800 so far.000 matchsticks and with an estimated 40 liters of glue – including 89 detailed statues.

Construction estimated to take another 15 years

King has been working on the mini-replica of the place of worship for six and a half years, according to the report, and he expects it to take another 15 years before it can be completely reconstructed with matches. The real cathedral was built in 38 years, the steeple measures 123 meters. King's model will measure about 6.4 by 4.8 meters when completed. With six million matches used, it would end up in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest match model in the world.

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