“Basic pension does not solve old-age poverty”

Is the gap between rich and poor really widening?? The Caritas president pleads for a more differentiated approach. Instead of "badmouthing" the middle class, one must turn to people in the basic income bracket.

Caritas President Peter Neher criticizes the scandalization of the topic of poverty and calls for more differentiated judgments. With regard to the frequently cited gap between rich and poor, which is widening in this country, one must take a closer look, Neher emphasized in an interview with the "Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung".

"We have to distinguish between the distribution of income and the distribution of wealth. In the distribution of income, the difference has stagnated for years, but at a high level. It's not true that the gap is widening here," said the Caritas president.

Neher calls for measures to distribute wealth

Also incorrect is the assertion that the middle class is getting worse and is declining.

"What is true is that for years we have had a relatively constant share of the middle class of 49 to 51 percent of society as a whole. Nevertheless, the doom and gloom is also readily invoked here."This will not remain without consequences, Neher warned.

"If you badmouth the middle class, they no longer have any feeling for those who are really bad off."

However, there is a problem in the distribution of wealth, explained Prelate Neher. "Those who have no property or debts will probably have nothing even in ten years' time. But who 100.000 euros in assets or more, whose wealth is growing."

Together with inheritances, he said, this "results in a dramatic development in the distribution of wealth that is becoming more and more acute".

"This is where we have to act", demanded the president of Caritas. "Where does it make sense to intervene in a targeted way in terms of taxation? Where can we take action to specifically help those affected by poverty?", said Neher.

"Basic pension does not solve poverty in old age"

Neher also criticized the basic pension concept presented by Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD). He considers it "not suitable to solve the complex problem of poverty in old age".

Nor is it certain that "the really needy" will be reached "automatically. "The question is: Who has 35 years of uninterrupted social insurance periods?", said the Caritas president.

If you really want to support those affected by poverty in old age, you have to "focus on people on basic benefits," he demanded. For example, basic welfare could be topped up," he suggested.

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