Cause unclear

Cause unclear

Bamberg anchor center © Nicolas Armer

A fire broke out in a Bamberg refugee shelter on Saturday. As a police spokesman told the Evangelischer Pressedienst, about 150 people had to leave the building.

The fire broke out in the roof truss at around 1 p.m., and was under control about two hours later. According to the police, the firefighting work continued in the afternoon. A total of about 100 emergency personnel from the police, fire and rescue services were on duty.

1.400 people live in Bamberg facility

Why the fire broke out in the roof truss is still completely unclear, said a police spokesman. The building is part of a so-called anchor center, where asylum procedures are handled completely. There are currently around 1.400 people in the facility. The accommodation where the fire broke out is no longer habitable, the 150 refugees are now distributed to other buildings, it was said.

No one among the evacuated residents was reportedly harmed, but one firefighter was slightly injured during the operation. Temporarily, residents should keep their windows and doors closed because of heavy smoke.

Anchor centers since 1. August in operation

The anchor centers ("Arrival, Decision, Repatriation") were opened on 1. August in operation – in all seven locations, these are renamings of previously existing transit centers or initial reception facilities.

The focus of the anchor centers is "the cooperation of all authorities on site" in order to speed up asylum procedures, according to the report. They are not without controversy and have been called "deportation camps" by critics, among others.

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