“Church doesn't need dirty money”

Pope Francis at the general audience © Ettore Ferrari

Spain's tenor Placido Domingo attended general audience © Ettore Ferrari

Pope Francis has called on the church not to accept dirty donations. The people of God have no need of such money, he said at his general audience on Wednesday in St. Peter's Square.

"When so-called benefactors arrive with offers that come at the expense of exploited, abused, enslaved people with low-paid jobs, I say to these people: Take back your check, burn it," Francis said to applause from the crowd of about 20.000 participants. God can only be approached with clean hands that do good and act justly.

Francis again calls for European solidarity

Once again, Francis called for help for refugees at Europe's borders in this context. These people wouldn't know where to go. He said the Bible calls on Christians to show mercy in such cases.

God, the pope said, is like a father who wants the best for his children, but also demands the good. The turning away from him, the sin, leads to a condition of the suffering, in which no more life is possible and the existence loses its roots. In this empty wasteland, however, he said, God is always ready to forgive and accept people again. "His mercy is open to all," Francis says.

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