Good news more relevant than ever

The Good News is more topical than ever – especially in these days. Pope Benedict XVI emphasized this. on Wednesday at the general audience before approximately 50.000 people in St. Peter's Square. The Pope directed the attention of the faithful to Mary of Magdala and the two brothers in Emmaus who met Jesus: "In these Easter days, the liturgy presents us with various encounters with the risen Lord. In John's Gospel, we hear of the run – the "race" – of the apostle Peter and the disciple whom Jesus loved to the tomb. The Church Fathers saw this as a call to "compete" among believers in the search for Christ."

The experience of the disciples should also be an incentive for us. The pope added what Jesus wants from the faithful: "Rather, he himself comes to meet us and lets us recognize him by calling us by name. Jesus Christ shows himself to his own as the one who lives. However, he has not simply returned from death, but has crossed over into a new life. This also creates a new relationship of the disciples to Christ, as we see in a special way with Thomas. The Lord shows him the stigmata, the permanent signs of his suffering on the cross and of his love, and Thomas confesses full of faith: "My Lord and my God" (John 20:28). To the German-speaking pilgrims, the Pope said: "In Easter joy, I welcome all pilgrims and visitors from Germany, Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. As baptized people, we too are called to be witnesses to the death and resurrection of Christ and to take the message of Easter to the whole world. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all a gracious Easter season. May the risen Lord Jesus Christ fill you with his joy and peace."

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