More travel against poverty

More travel against poverty

Vatican promotes tourism as a means of poverty reduction. He referred to figures from the World Tourism Organization, according to which ten percent of the world's gross domestic product is generated by tourism.

In addition, one of eleven jobs depended on this sector. What is needed is "tourism with a human face" that is guided by values such as community, cooperation and solidarity, according to a message for World Tourism Day. This will be adopted on 27. This year's Lent is being celebrated on the occasion of the World Tourism Day in September and has the motto "Sustainable tourism – an instrument for development".

"Vacations must be responsible and environmentally compatible"

Vacations should be responsible, environmentally friendly and respectful of the society and culture of the host country. "The time of vacations must not be an excuse for irresponsible behavior or exploitation," writes Cardinal Peter Turkson, head of the Vatican's Office for Integral Human Development and author of the text.

Instrument of help for weakened economies

Tourism can also be an instrument of help for weakened economies, if it brings new opportunities and does not become "a source of problems". The Vatican refers to a decision of the United Nations, according to which sustainable tourism is a "positive instrument for combating poverty, protecting the environment, improving the quality of life and economically empowering women and youth", especially in developing countries.

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