No money for weapons

No money for weapons

A woman prays the rosary with folded hands © Corinne Simon (KNA)

Praying the rosary unites people as a "spiritual family". The Pope has called for the rediscovery of the domestic form of prayer. He also prayed for politicians and scientists who are searching for a cure for the virus.

Pope Francis has called on Catholics worldwide to pray the rosary against the Corona pandemic in May. In light of the restrictions, domestic prayer should be rediscovered, the church leader wrote in a message over the weekend. The bond as a "spiritual family" can help "overcome this trial," the pope said. May is celebrated in Catholic customs as the month of Mary; traditionally, rosary prayers are held in many places.

Comfort for mourners

The Catholic Church turns to Mary, the Mother of God, "in this dramatic situation full of sufferings and anxieties that oppress the whole world," says an attached prayer text. In it, the pope asks for consolation for mourners, some of whose loved ones were "buried in a way that hurts the soul". He also reminds those "who are concerned about the uncertain future and the impact on the economy and work".

"Spirit of solidarity"

For politicians, Francis asks for vision and a "spirit of solidarity" in social and economic aid programs. The "vast sums spent on proliferating ever more sophisticated weapons systems" should instead be invested in research. He called for prayers for scientists who are searching for a cure for the virus, and recalled doctors, nurses and health volunteers who risk their lives to save others, the pope said.

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