No peace despite “peace plan

Kenya fails to calm down despite international mediation efforts. More than 20 people were killed in violence over the weekend, although a "peace plan" had been presented on Friday evening.

The "peace plan" had been brokered by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. He is to map out the roadmap for talks between government and opposition. In the west of the country, militias continued to persecute minorities. In the city of Eldoret, they set fire to another church.The "four-point plan" presented after ten hours of negotiations calls for an end to violence, humanitarian aid measures and a resolution of the leadership ie after the presidential election on 27 June. December within seven to 14 days before. According to the plan, the unjust distribution of resources in Kenya and the land ie are to be resolved within a year. However, no concrete steps have been agreed upon. However, representatives from both sides called for an immediate end to the ban on meetings and the news blackout. Diplomats reacted wait-and-see to the agreement.

"One wonders if he wants to make the situation worse"

Opposition leader Raila Odinga, who claims victory in the presidential election, meanwhile criticized controversial President Mwai Kibaki for remarks at the African Union summit. Kibaki had declared there that he was legitimately elected. All problems could be solved through the Kenyan legal system. Odinga called on Kibaki to retract his remarks. "One wonders if he wants to make the situation worse," says opposition leader.Since the announcement of Kibaki's electoral victory on 27. December riots in Kenya kill more than 700 people, according to official figures. More than 250.000 people have fled.International election observers accuse government of electoral fraud.

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