Relieving children of parents in need of care

The family federation of the Catholiken welcomes the project to relieve family members with the maintenance for parents in need of care. It is urgently necessary to do something against the life of the families at the subsistence level.

"Such a new regulation is urgently needed in terms of social policy," said Ulrich Hoffmann, president of the Family Federation of Catholics, Ulrich Hoffmann, on Thursday in Berlin. Families, he said, are "Germany's number one care provider". It is not acceptable that children are asked to pay up to the subsistence level for their parents in need of care.

Relieve children of parents in need of care

According to the draft for a "maintenance relief law", which the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs worked out, children of parents in need of care should be relieved, who themselves do not have enough money for the home place. On their incomes the social welfare offices are to be based thereafter only with an annual income starting from 100.000 euros.

The situation of women and men in middle age in a caring sandwich position is particularly burdensome, Hoffmann continued. On the one hand they would have to pay for the upbringing of their own children, on the other hand for the care of their parents who are getting on in years. The state is in the obligation to support the care work of families to the best of its ability. No one should be pushed to the edge of the subsistence level by the need for care of relatives. The plan had been criticized by the German Association of Towns and Municipalities, among others.

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