Resistance to ruling

The central council of the Muslims demanded to the international woman day the right for Muslim women to carry their head cloth also in each occupation. A Muslim legal trainee was recently banned from wearing a headscarf in court.

It was a wrong sign that a Muslim trainee lawyer from Augsburg was banned from wearing her headscarf in the courtroom, said the deputy chairwoman of the Islamic Association, Nurhan Soykan, in Cologne on Thursday. "In this way, a normal feature of faith is first turned into a political ie and bias under the pretext of respect for neutrality."

The Bavarian Administrative Court on Wednesday dismissed the complaint of a Muslim legal trainee who had challenged the ban on wearing her headscarf during legal training. The Bavarian Ministry of Justice had justified the requirement by saying that the outward appearance should "not give rise to any doubts about independence, neutrality and exclusive law orientation".

"Muslim woman's right to self-determination trampled underfoot"

Soykan complained that the court's ruling "tramples on the Muslim woman's right to self-determination, simply accepts the restriction of her choice of profession, and also restricts our freedom of religion, which is enshrined in the Basic Law.". There is no need in Germany for bans on cooking cloths or forcing people to wear headscarves, added the deputy chairwoman of the Central Council. "We are a free country, and it should stay that way."

The Islam Association also criticized the planned neutrality law of the North Rhine-Westphalian state government. Accordingly, in the future, judges, prosecutors, law clerks, lay judges and judicial employees will be prohibited from wearing "clothing with religious or ideological overtones" in court. In addition to Islamic headscarves, this also includes conspicuous cross necklaces or T-shirts with ideological imprints.

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