That is cheese!

That is cheese!

Cheese © Johannes Submann (KNA)

The monks of the Abbey of Citeaux have 4.000 cheese loaves too many in their cellars. They are now exceptionally selling it over the Internet, as the newspaper "La Croix" reports.

Within three days, at least one of the 2.8 tons of surplus cheese should be shipped over the ramp. Blame: the Corona pandemic. "Customers are coming to the stores less, and restaurants are closed," says Brother Jean-Claude, marketing officer for the abbey founded in 1098. The drop in sales is almost 50 percent, he said. They have tried to explain to the 75 cows that they need to produce less milk – "but they don't seem to understand that," the monk said with a laugh. Also the outer walls could not be shifted.

Reblochon cheese has been produced since 1925 and won the silver medal at the international competition in Lyon in 2020. "Normally we refuse orders," says the monk. Sell to Hong Kong, Tokyo or Dubai. The normal annual turnover would be around 1.2 million euros. Until Tuesday (30. March), the abbey now offers its unsold goods through the start-up "Divine Box," which specializes in the online sale of products of religious orders.

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