Thou shalt not steal

According to the Berlin economist Gert Wagner, the Ten Commandments also apply undivided to companies. "If you stick to it as a company, you have no problem with what you should and shouldn't do in a situation," Wagner said Friday evening in Kassel at the Advent reception of the Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck.

Wagner, Chairman of the Chamber for Social Order of the Protestant Church in Germany, emphasized that the self-interest that is part of the market economy is already inherent in the commandment to love one's neighbor. There it is said not only that one should love one's neighbor, but also oneself. "The Christian faith does not per se condemn self-love and self-interest," he explained.However, there are limits, Wagner cautioned. "Everyone must have the opportunity to participate in society," he called for a socially regulated market economy. Wagner was critical of demands from politicians for more personal responsibility. Not every person is suitable to be an entrepreneur, he said. "Politicians should stop constantly preaching the amption of risk and personal responsibility.People should be taken as they are," he said. He recommended that churches be cautious in formulating details for the betterment of society.Earlier, the Bishop of the Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck, Martin Hein, had emphasized in his welcoming speech that, according to the Protestant understanding, freedom and responsibility are closely related to each other. "Economy is to be counted among the penultimate things of this world," he referred to the theological perspective. Since, on the other hand, the world is not an economy-free zone, the Church must also take a stand here.

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