“Grace of creativity”

Especially in the Corona crisis, according to Pope Francis, art and cultural creation are important. Artists, with their creative ability, show other people the way to beauty, the head of the church said Monday at the Vatican.

Everyone needed "the grace of creativity" at this moment. Pope prays for different groups of people and intentions related to Corona pandemic in each of his daily Masses.

Call for international cohesion

Already in his Easter message, Pope Francis had called for international cohesion in the global Corona crisis. In addition to already existing challenges, humanity will be put to a hard test by the pandemic, he said in Rome. These times do not allow indifference or selfishness, divisions or forgetting other emergencies, Francis said. Among other things, he recalled migrants and refugees.

Many were living "in unbearable conditions, especially in Libya and on the Greek-Turkish border" and on Lesbos. Europe urged by pope to have a "palpable spirit of solidarity". He said the Union faces "an epochal challenge on which depends not only its future, but that of the whole world".

The head of the church explicitly demanded debt relief for poor countries and an easing of international sanctions. He did not give specific examples; in November, the Vatican and Iranian religious scholars had ied a joint statement calling for basic humanitarian rights even under sanctions.

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