“Not for the garbage can”

Food in a garbage can © dpa

When shopping, appetizing-looking fruit or grilled sausages tempt shoppers to reach for them. But much from the shopping cart ends up not in the stomach, but in the trash. This does not have to be, says nutritionist Ute Gomm and advises to buy with a sense of proportion.

Interviewer: A lot of food is thrown away in Germany, but it doesn't have to be that way says the initiative "Too good for the garbage can!" of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. For a birthday party or a meeting with friends the heat is just great, you can stay in the garden for a long time, but the food suffers from it. What can I do to make sure my buffet doesn't end up in the garbage can pretty quickly after all?

Ute Gomm (nutrition consultant at aid-Infodienst): This is indeed difficult. Basically, it is best to apply the food only when it is really eaten and store it until then in the refrigerator. If you have then eaten and there are leftovers, it would be best to then also immediately put them in the refrigerator, so that they do not spoil so quickly.
Interviewer: When one hears the reports of all the food that is thrown away in Germany in the course of the year, one must also ask oneself the question of whether we are eating the wrong food? Or how do these quantities come about?
Gomm: Often it really is a logistical problem. You shop, you plan, but then spontaneously other appointments to eat out intervene and already the food you bought is left behind. And that doesn't sit well with some groceries. At the end of the day, we have an affluent society in which we can apparently afford to throw away food, which we really shouldn't do.

It therefore helps to buy with a sense of proportion and to try to freeze or preserve the food that cannot be used directly. Raw meat can also be seared and then placed in the refrigerator for a few days before being eaten.

The interview was conducted by Silvia Ochlast.

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