Now also with christian holidays

The EU Commission has responded to criticism about the absence of Christian holidays in the EU school calendar. She wants to send to all schools that have received the calendar 2010/2011 a new one "in which the most important holidays – including the religious ones – of the respective member state are listed".

This was announced by Austrian MEP Jorg Leichtfried (SPo) on Friday, citing a letter from the responsible EU Commissioner John Dalli.

This revision will also be directly accessible on the website of the school calendar, writes the EU Commissioner in his response to an official request to Leichtfried. The next edition of the calendar (2011/2012), currently in preparation, will include a list of the most important national and religious of each Member State, Dalli ared.

The EU Commission had spent five million euros on calendars in which neither Christmas nor any other Christian holiday is listed. Holidays of other major religions, however, are listed. Dalli had apologized for the mistake to the EU's Catholic bishops' conference, COMECE, after church protests. In total, according to the Commission, across the EU, just under
3.3 million copies distributed to more than 21.000 schools distributed.

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