“Now is a decisive moment”

Misereor joins South Sudanese bishops in warning against failure of peace process in South Sudan."A decisive moment has now been reached in South Sudan's peace process," said Michael Hippler, head of the Africa department at Catholic Relief Services.

Many milestones agreed to in the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) have not been implemented, he said. These include the lack of demarcation of the North-South borders, the crisis over oil-rich Abyei, the conflict in Darfur, repressive laws, the late announcement of the referendum on South Sudan's independence (2011), and the completely delayed electoral process in which many voters would not be registered."The Sudanese bishops fear a return to civil war if the above ies are not resolved quickly. They recall the painful experience of the civil wars of 1955-1972 and 1983-2005, with several million dead," Hippler said. Already now, an increase in violence can be registered, which u.a. the Lord Resistance Army LRA from Uganda had to answer for."Together with the bishops, we appeal to the international community to remind the governments in Khartoum and South Sudan of their obligations."The drought this year and the attacks by the LRA have contributed to a humanitarian catastrophe, which, together with the still incomplete integration of refugees and displaced persons, endangers stability in the region. "Further help is urgently needed here. Misereor supports the development of school and health care systems in South Sudan and promotes peace education, especially for children," says Michael Hippler.

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