Especially in the Corona crisis, according to Pope Francis, art and cultural creation are important. Artists, with their creative ability, show other people the way to beauty, the head of the church said Monday at the Vatican.

Protection against radicalization

Germany's ambassador to the Holy See, Annette Schavan, has spoken out in favor of denominational religious instruction in German schools. At a panel discussion, however, she also received contra for her statement.

For March, the Pope prays "that Christian communities – especially those suffering persecution – may know themselves close to Christ and be protected in their rights". He underpins his claim with a video message.

Six bishops to be elected

Nikola Eterovic, Norbert Trelle and Cardinal Reinhard Marx (from.l.n.r.) © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

Six bishops to be elected

Pope Francis and Cardinal Marx during the Ad Limina visit © Osservatore Romano (CBA)

Pope Francis has appointed only three new bishops in Germany's 27 dioceses so far in his tenure. In three other places, he shifted leadership staff from A to B. Now several new appointments become inevitable.

Merciless deportation

The deportation of Pakistani Catholic Faisal Jahangir from Meissen seems inevitable. The Saxon Hardship Commission had examined a new application for him and would not deal with it further.

With its campaign "Experts for Life," Caritas wants to focus this year on the strengths of the elderly and their potential for society. Debates about life in old age are often truncated and tainted with negative portents, Franz Fink of the Catholic association criticized in an interview with this site on Tuesday.

"We want to contribute to widening the view of women and men in old age," said Prelate Peter Neher, President of the German Caritas Association. More than 80 percent of people in Germany wanted to remain in their familiar surroundings if they needed care, Neher reported at the presentation in Berlin. Cities and communities, as well as neighborhoods and parishes, are not sufficiently prepared for this, he says. Neher called for the creation of an appropriate infrastructure: with easily accessible stores, expanded public transportation and various forms of housing for the elderly. "We should enable a piece of home in the last phase of life," said Neher.The Caritas president also renewed the demand for financial security for people who care for relatives. Analogous to the parental allowance, there should also be an income-based care allowance, Neher said. The career break of up to half a year, which is currently possible by law, can only be afforded by certain income groups.

Spots on television, materials for church services

Setting the course for the future

Representatives from 43 countries have decided in Lima on a new General Statute for the worldwide social association. In terms of content Kolping International wants to commit itself even more to sustainability and environmental protection in the future.

Professional associations repeatedly criticize the compromise on the new nursing training program. Six years is to be spent testing the model of "generalist" training with an option for specialization.

New statistics on money laundering and thefts

Vatican: number of thefts increased © CBA

On suspicion of money laundering, Vatican judiciary seized more than two million euros in 2016. That's according to a report by the Vatican prosecutor's office. In addition, he said, the number of thefts has increased.

Between embarrassed and satisfied

Donald Trump embraces US flag © Chris O'meara

A year ago, Donald Trump was elected U.S. president. He had started with many promises. But what is left of it? For Jesuit Father Godehard Bruntrup, Trump has not served his camp badly at all.