Bode Column and Booms | Used and Refurbished

British Bode Column and Booms for sale. Used or Refurbished with bespoke MIG or SubArc set up 

With the largest choice in Europe, you will be surprised at the range of Bode C&B welders in stock.  With medium to heavy duty cranes we can add new or used submerged arc weld heads, MIG systems to suit your current projects. 

A Column and Boom welder with size ranges from 1m x 1m up to 9m x 9m.  The largest of these Bode manipulators are often used in the renewable energy sectors for fabricating wind towers, or cyrogenic tanks and vessels. 

Used in Ship building, pressure vessels, biomass boilers the Bode Column and Booms in conjunction with welding rotators and positioners are a very useful positioning set up for metal manufacturing.

Why do we need C&B welders?

Normally, reaching the top of large work pieces can be difficult and hazardous work. If that work piece is a large pipe, the welding work is made harder because of the curvature of the pipe or vessel.

A column and boom welder removes that difficulty. Able to move vertically and horizontality across the metal, the column and boom welder enables much more to be carried out in high demand processes.

When used with pipe rotators/turning rolls for a continuous weld in production of steel tubular, such as tanks and vessels, using the circumferential saw (submerged arc) method, used in pipeline processing plants etc.

Give our team a call to discuss your welding project, depending on your budget or preference we can supply used or refurbished equipment.

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