Bode Longitudinal Seam Welders | Used & Refurbished

Bode Seam Welders for longitudinal welding. British made, we can supply these quality used machines refurbished and bespoke with new welding applications

The majority of models are single but some are double ended, meaning you can weld two different sized cylindrical vessels at the same time. 

With many used Bode seam welders in stock with various lengths and diameters you are sure to find a suitable machine. 

Depending on your budget we can prepare these machine bespoke to your project by adding MIG, TIG or Plasma welding applications. 

We can also refurbish the equipment to include your RAL colours and 12 months warranty.

The benefits of a longitudinal seam welder are the consistent quality welds on the cylindrical vessel.  Clients we have supplied, manufacture products like fire extinguishers, pressure vessels, medical equipment, automotive and aerospace parts where progressive, clean, visible welding is required.

Bode welding equipment was originally manufactured in Leek, Staffordshire by F Bode & Sons.  The UK company family business also made Column & Boom welders, Positioners and Rotators - in fact everything a welder could need to position a work piece. Made in England and over-engineered these seamers are built to last. 

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