Especially in the Corona crisis, according to Pope Francis, art and cultural creation are important. Artists, with their creative ability, show other people the way to beauty, the head of the church said Monday at the Vatican.

That is cheese!

Cheese © Johannes Submann (KNA)

The monks of the Abbey of Citeaux have 4.000 cheese loaves too many in their cellars. They are now exceptionally selling it over the Internet, as the newspaper "La Croix" reports.

Pandemic exposes 'social diseases'

Pope Francis in the private library in the Vatican © Vatican Media/Romano Siciliani (CBA)

No one may impose personal or collective interest at the expense of others, Pope Francis says. The human family is vulnerable in this regard, as the pandemic of recent months has shown.

Fundamentally different assessment of the situation

After growing criticism of a text by high churchmen on the Corona crisis, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller has defended his signature. Previously, the German bishops had distanced themselves from the text initiated by Archbishop Vigano.