The 31. German Protestant Kirchentag 2007 in Cologne draws nearer. The environment, justice and peace are the central themes of the meeting, which will take place from 6 to 9 May. to 10. June 2007 around 100.000 permanent participants are expected. On the program of the Kirchentag are 3.000 church services, discussions, work-shops, lectures, celebrations and Bible studies. They will be held at the fairgrounds and in the city center. Since there is only one Protestant church in the city center, many Catholic parishes also opened their houses of worship – including the cathedral.

As at previous Kirchentagen, an "Evening of Encounter" with music, candlelight and culinary delights is planned on the banks of the Rhine and on Cologne's bridges to kick off the event. The organizers expect 400.000 visitors. The Cologne motto is "Da simmer dabei" ("We'll be there"). The regional church is also planning its own center on the theme of love, as well as drop-in centers for children, young people and families at the Tanzbrunnen and in the city center. In a pavilion in front of the main train station, interested people can talk about their faith. The motto is "Telling about the open sky".

Preparations for closing service underway

Only in small groups of up to twelve singers are the cathedral choirs currently allowed to rehearse. What it is like when all the singers meet again for the first time after five months in the cathedral to sing together was very touching to experience on this Sunday.

Their liturgical use should remain secure. But complementarily, rural church spaces are increasingly becoming attractive meeting places with well-considered cultural programs. Deacon Patrick Oetterer explains that the concept is working out.