“Germany is not the navel of the world”

The Synod of Bishops comes to an end after three weeks in Rome. The Bochum theologian Thomas Soding participated as an advisor. On our site interview, he talks about the results of the meeting – and warns against transferring the situation of the German church to the rest of the world.

Interviewer: As the synod draws to a close, what insights and new experiences will the bishops bring with them on Sunday??


A controversial signal

In the debate on the role of Islam in Germany, the SPD and the Greens have spoken out in favor of recognizing Islam as a religious community by the state and thus placing it on an equal legal footing with Christian churches. Union politicians, on the other hand, are distancing themselves.


“Not at all secured”

What path is Judaism taking in Europe?? © dpa

What does the future of Judaism look like in Europe? According to the deputy executive director of the World Jewish Congress, Maram Stern, the way forward is unclear. He is particularly concerned about the growing right-wing populism.