For March, the Pope prays "that Christian communities – especially those suffering persecution – may know themselves close to Christ and be protected in their rights". He underpins his claim with a video message.

Pope's infallibility against triple trauma

Is the Pope always right?? He is infallible, after all. The second Sunday of Advent marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the First Vatican Council. Times. At this bishops' meeting, there was controversy about the role of the pope.

Interviewer: The pope as the final authority in matters of faith. Why was that in the 19. The Church of the Twentieth Century is not as uncontroversial as we might think today?

Jan-Heiner Tuck (Professor at the Institute for Systematic Theology of the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Vienna): In the background of the definition of the first Vatican Council, which is certainly the most significant event in church history of the 19. In order to understand the decision, there are three historical traumas that must be taken into account.

Drop by drop, the disclosure platform Wikileaks makes U.S. secret reports available to the public. Since this week, a first dispatch of the embassy at the Vatican is now also on the net. Its contents are admittedly less enlightening than confusing.

In Yemen, almost all Jews have left the country. The last group was brought to Israel on Sunday night as part of a secret operation, the Jewish Agency, which is responsible for immigration, said Monday in Jerusalem.