ESAB Arc Welders & Power Sources For Sale - Refurbished & New

Made by ESAB, we supply the whole range of used and new electric welding equipment.

The terms used for the power source is confusing and so different depending on your continent.  The majority of these machine can be used for MMA welding, Stick welding and Arc welding. Some can be used for gouging.  Think of them as multi process!

Not sure what ESAB welding machine you need? Then contact us for a chat as we supply the whole range.

ESAB's founder was a Swedish gentleman name Oscar Kjellberg. In 1904 he produced heavily fluxed electrodes that substantially improved the quality of weld metal. Since that time the company has led the way in the welding industry with engineering and innovation.   Learn more about the history of ESAB here

Buying companies and merging around the world with similar businesses, ESAB today are one of the largest manufacturers of welding and cutting equipment and accessories.  The group is wholly owned subsidary of Colfax Corporation.

As Agents we are able to supply the full range of new products and we also stock a range of used mig, tig and arc welders.

Ask our team for more details.  

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