Used Fronius MIG welding equipment for sale

From Perfect Welding, used Fronius MIG welding equipment for the professional welder

We buy and sell used Fronius MIG welding equipment. Our customers around the world trust the brand for quality, reliability and functions.  So if you want one of these amazing MIG welders but can't afford a new one, this is the opportunity you have been looking for.  

Great savings on secondhand Fronius welding equipment, supplied worldwide.

The Austrian firm started in 1945 and has a range of both batteries and welding equipment.
They are famed for high tech products and their range includes TIG systems, Cladding and Weld Overlay automatic set ups, Plasma welding and orbital welders.

Used Fronius Models we buy and sell:

Fronius MIG welders
Product Name: TransPulsSynergic 2700
Overview: Now we’ve made pulsed-arc welding "bearable"! Welding has moved into a brand-new dimension

Product Name: TransPulsSynergic 2700 AluEdition
Overview: A special machine for a special material. Aluminium is the material used in many branches of industry. During welding, its pronounced thermal conductivity and its oxide layer repeatedly lead to problems that impair the quality of the seam. Fronius were quick to notice these difficulties - and to develop appropriate solutions. The result is that we can now unveil the first-ever power source to be "tailor-made" for aluminium applications.

Product Name: TransPulsSynergic 2700 CMT-Edition
Overview: CMT. Three letters which revolutionised automatic welding. The extreme benefits of this breakthrough technology are now easily accessible with a manual system.

Product Name: TransPulsSynergic 2700 CrNi
Overview: Stainless Steel - a demanding material requiring gentle welding, which – like aluminium – the experienced welder will only “handle with kid gloves”. And this is just what the TransPulsSynergic 2700 CrNi now provide a technical solution for: Pre-programmed characteristics, welding programs that are “fine-tuned” to stainless materials, PT-Drive push-pull-torch, with digitally controllable planetary drive, etc.

Product Name: TransPulsSynergic 2700 GM
Overview: The Fronius welding / brazing package is used extensively with all the major manufacturers throughout the world and is regarded as the specialists’ choice.

Product Name: TransPulsSynergic 3200
Overview: The Revolution just keeps on going: Fronius has added yet another highlight to its trailblazing series of digitally controlled power sources – the new TransPulsSynergic 3200. With it, the 270 to 400 A range now also has its own optimally powerful and economical digital system. Its multiprocess capabilities make it suitable for MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA and even robot welding.

Take a look at the whole range of used Fronius welding equipment we buy and sell. 

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