Manual Plasma cutters - New and Used for sale

Choosing the right hand-held air Plasma Cutters is a minefield considering how many are on the market.  We have been supplying both manual and mechanised CNC plasma cutters to the professional fabricator for decades and have seen brands succeed, some merge and some fall by the wayside.  However we are confident we can supply you with a new or pre-used cutting system that will give you the reliability you deserve.

We sell machines we know we can support. Choose from the top brands such as Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics, Thermal Arc, GYS and Lincoln Electric   The current manual plasma cutting systems for sale are below or give us a call if you can't find what you are looking for. 

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Not sure which manual plasma cutter to buy? 

Then take time to consider the material and thickness you will be cutting. Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium or another metal?  

What is the thickest material you will need to cut?
Most plasma cutter will be rated by metail type and thickness with mild steel the most common to cut.

Cut Quality
The quality of the cut is also critical when deciding which system to purchase.  This will have a significant impact on the quality of your finished product and maybe impact later stages of production.  Smooth and clean cutting will save you money in the long run by less waster filler material. Read more FAQs here

Do you know what power you have available?  You will need to know the voltage, amperage and phase rating of your outlet. This is because typically small handheld plasma cutters run on 120 or 240 volt single phase and need 10-30 amps of current.  

Compressed Air
Some more expensive plasma cutting systems come with in built air supply but if not you will need a compressor.  Trying to find a suitable air compressor  can be a bigger headache than  buying a plasma unit!

You will find that new plasma cutters come in all sizes and certainly all prices.  Not always are the most expensive the best but our advice is to steer clear of multi process plasma cutters that claim to do MIG and TIG welding too.  

Consider buying a used plasma cutter to get the best features at a lower price.  We more than often have a selection of used plasma cutting systems as well as new machines.

Plasma consumables can be costly if you do not follow the advice of the manufacturer.  Take time to read our Blog on prolonging the life of your consumables

Benefits of using a plasma arc cutter

Faster cuts
No pre-heat cycle required
Cuts any metal that conducts electricity
Often portable for on-site work
Minimises heat zones

If you have decided on which Plasma Cutter to buy, take time to view the many tutorial videos online, read the operation manual and take the necessary safety steps to ensure you have many hours of happy cutting! 

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