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MÜLLER OPLADEN make everything from welding turntables, roller beds, and columns & booms through to a modular system, 3D profile and pipe cutting systems and longitudinal seam welding systems.

Since taking over the ARC KON engineering firm specialising in mechanised welding fixtures in 2003, the family run firm has steadily expanded the mechanised welding business unit. Along with such standard products as positioners, roller beds and columns & booms, Muller can now offer customised solutions to support the welding process by automating and coordinating the movements of the workpiece and welding head.

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MÜLLER OPLADEN manufacturing innovative and forward-looking welding solutions for production and processes

The German company with it's plant based Opladen produce 3D profile cutting machines for round pipes, square & rectangular pipes and beams as well as mechanized welding systems for the toughest requirements in the metalworking industry. MÜLLER OPLADEN machines are in all segments of thermal cutting and welding and represent the first and the most important stage in a modern production process. Made in Germany, the high quality of workmanship and many years of experience is an assurance of quality and technology of integrated solutions for complex cutting and welding tasks worldwide. MÜLLER OPLADEN is a tradition-steeped German mechanical engineering company that can look back on an almost century-long history since its founding in 1918. Today, the company is run by a family member, now in the third generation.

MÜLLER OPLADEN makes everything from welding turntables, roller beds, and columns & booms through to a modular system, 3D profile and pipe cutting systems and longitudinal seam welding systems. 

Muller Opladen Positioning Machinery 

  • Hard-wearing welding turntables for maximum loads of up to 40,000 kg
  • Slewing turntables and positioning tables for perfect handling
  • Welding positioners designed for maximum loads of 50 kg to 40,000 kg have universal applications in the manual and mechanical welding of circumferential seams and in the accurate positioning of workpieces.

Roller beds for loads up to 750 to 80,000 kg
For large rotationally symmetrical components such as tanks and boilers The roller beds designed for maximum workpiece loads of 750 kg to 80,000 kg are used for the rotation and positioning of heavy, rotationally symmetrical workpieces like tanks or boilers for further machining or welding.

Columns and booms with a lift of up to 8 m and 8 m booms
For the positioning and guidance of welding heads, torches and tools Muller columns and booms – ranging from 1.5 x 1 metres up to 8 x 8 metres for column stroke and boom range – are used for the positioning and guidance of welding heads, welding torches and other tools. Columns & booms can thus be combined with positioners and/or roller beds in a variety of applications such as the welding of circumferential or longitudinal seams or the build-up welding of alloys on workpieces.

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