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Orbitec´s equipment technology is focused on the particular practical needs of its customers, whether they specialise in tube and pipe fabrication or have a one-off requirement to join tubular components. Key factors on the list of design considerations are safe and easy to use, modular where possible, with construction that reduces manufacturing costs to a minimum.
Guide to the Orbital Welding Process. | Westermans Blog.

Manufactured in Germany this affordable brand of Orbital welding equipment is a mechanised version of the tungsten inert gas arc welding (TIG) process and is used to weld stationary tube or pipe; the tungsten electrode contained in the weld head rotor rotates around the weld joint circumference. The TIG process can be either a fusion process in which the edges of the weld joint are heated by the arc and fused together without the addition of filler material to the weld pool. Or filler, usually in the form of a solid wire can be added. Orbitec was founded in 1984 designs, develops and manufactures orbital welding equipment and aims to provide high-quality and easy-to-use products at a reasonable price to industries such as Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Semiconductor, Food & Dairy and Aerospace. 

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