The period of corona-related lockdown was "a social catastrophe" for residents of elderly care facilities, says Peter Krucker, chairman of the Cologne Caritas Association. In the face of rising numbers, he expresses concern and urges caution.

Iraqi Christians in a church © dpa

During his visit to the Syrian Orthodox monastery in Warburg, Bishop Markus Droge expressed his concern about the situation of Christians in Syria and Iraq. At the same time, he thanked the monks of the monastery for their commitment to refugees in Germany.

Small but effective: more than half a dozen websites now compete with each other to help French-speaking customers make friends in a Christian spirit. French sociologists view the development with mixed feelings.

27-year-old Astrid from the Paris area is looking for someone who shares the same values as she does. Robert, 51, from the French Mediterranean coast, values family life and describes himself as serious, balanced and attentive. Marie-Claire from the French West has been painting icons and seeking spiritual exchange since 2003. They all advertise on a French Christian partnership site on the Internet., where Astrid, Robert and Marie-Claire advertise themselves, currently counts about 70.000 registered members, of which 15.000 active subscribers. It is thus one of the big ones among the small ones. By comparison, the dating market leader "Meetic", which is not fixed on a specific clientele, advertises with about 42 million profiles throughout Europe and allegedly counts about 700.000 subscribers.

By mouse-click the acknowledgment of a "Christian charter

In Yemen, almost all Jews have left the country. The last group was brought to Israel on Sunday night as part of a secret operation, the Jewish Agency, which is responsible for immigration, said Monday in Jerusalem.

Care makes people sick?

According to a study, it is not only the shortage of skilled workers that endangers nursing care in Germany. Around 185.000 out of 2.5 million family caregivers feel completely overburdened and are on the verge of stopping caregiving.

Wood on wood

Salisbury Cathedral is to be built out of… © Christopher Holton (shutterstock)

Wood on wood

…Millions of matches to be replicated © Shutter B Photo (shutterstock)

Salisbury Cathedral, England's church with the highest spire in the country, is to enter the Guinness Book of Records. But how? A miniature replica made of millions of matchsticks is supposed to make it possible.

Sign against increasing violence

Pistols and revolvers © Friso Gentsch

An unusual swap deal: In just 45 minutes, a church congregation in Homewood, near Pittsburgh, has sold a good 5.000 U.S. dollars paid out to gun owners, who in return turned in their rifles and revolvers.