Pre-Used & New Welding Pipe Rotators at Affordable Prices

With a huge range of turning powers and loading capacities, Westermans can supply a both new and used conventional and self aligning Welding Pipe Rotators

A welding rotator set positions of the cylindrical jobs whether in light or heavy fabrication shops. The are used in conjuction with many welding processes include submerged arc, TIG and MIG. The use of turning rolls provides increased production with reduced labour because it requires less usage of lifting or crane facilities, which also reduces idle time.

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Want to read our Blog on the smaller, lighter end of the welding rotator market?  Here's the link - we have sold many of these over the last 20 years and a great starting point for the light fab shops.

Whether you’re looking for new, used or refurbished equipment, we’re sure to have what you need. Learn more about the different types of welding rotators we buy and sell around the world. Here are a few of the brands of welding positioners we prefer but not limited to Bode, Britannia, Gullco, Pema, Red-D-Arc, Roto-Star ProArc and Westworld



Conventional Rotators or Pipe Welding Rollers are used to assist the welding process by safely rotating pipespool sections that are neither standard in diameter, length, configuration or weight, Pipe welding equipment can be set up with many different rotating and positioning arrangements. Self-aligning welding rotators automatically adjust to take care of any ovality or diameter variation along the length of the work piece. This allows the work piece to be automatically rotated into precisely the required position for fitting, assembly and welding. Not sure what type of welding rotator you need? Give us a call to discuss your welding project and equipment availability.

When welding is being carried out on a pipe or vessel, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Some of these are vitally important, and if done correctly can affect the entirety of the weld.

Pipe welding can be quite complex work that requires a lot of skill, but welding rotators make that work much easier.

Why do we need pipe welding rotators?

When performing a weld on a pipe or cylindrical work piece, usually the weld must cover the circumference of the pipe evenly. It’s also important for the weld to be of a high quality and strong, as a lot of pressure could be put on the pipe depending on what the final work is meant for.

When pipe welding is done by hand, the welder must move around the pipe slowly as they carry out the work. Without something like a Bode welding rotator, this is difficult and necessary work in order to get the correct weld. Using a pipe rotator enables the tank/vessel to be turned at desired speeds enabling the welder to carry out the work far easier & more efficiently, giving a higher quality weld to form roll steel tubulars.

Turning Rolls are usually arranged in sets including a pair of identical rolls, one of which is rotated by an electric motor through a reduction gear box, known at the powered or drive unit while the other is idle, so arranged that the distance between the rolls can be adjusted to accommodate cylinders of different diameters, and mounted on a fabricated frame of simple shape. Usually a pair of such frames must be arranged on the shop floor at some distance from one another, to accept the cylindrical body in need of welding. Weight capacity and diameters that can be supported are the major parameters that define rotators.
Other characteristics involve wheel and surface materials, power and surface speed available. The free turning of the part on the rolls should be ascertained before the start of the welding operation, to verify that no protrusions interfere with the motion. Also the longitudinal weight distribution should be checked to prevent overloading. Special attention should be paid to avoid instabilities that may cause the work piece to overturn. Minute inaccuracies of positioning may involve translation of the work piece along its axis. None parallelled or out of square turning rolls may cause drag forces that tend to move the work piece unpredictably. Welding Rollers are supplied with steel, rubber or polyurethane wheels.

Maybe you need to short term hire of welding rotators?

If based in the UK we can offer rental of Welding Rotators from 1000kg upwards. Learn more here.

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