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Resistance Spot welding is used in many sheet metal industrial sectors including automotive and the manufacturing of kitchen appliances. A welding process, where the heat is required to melt and join the metal together, is generated by the electrical resistance between the two sheets thus creating spot welds.  Learn more about of this older welding processes in our Guide to Spot Welding blog post.

We supply a broad selection of Resistance Spot Welding machines and Spot welders - whether you’re after a new or refurbished machine, you can make great savings today with Westermans. Warranty is included with every machine.  From pedestal, treadle type, suspended or single sided Spot Welders you are sure to find a machine to suit your project and budget from the wide choice of makes we have for sale.

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Spot welding allows for two thin sheets of metal to be welded together precisely in a short amount of time. It’s a popular form of welding because the heat produced doesn’t affect the rest of the metal sheet.

Spot welders work by clamping two sheets of metal and passing an electric current through two electrodes to the spot that requires welding. The spot welding machines can be adjusted to deliver different current amplitudes, which allow it to be used on metal of different types and thickness.

There are a number of high class brands on the market today but we stick to those we know we can support with aftersales care.  British Federal, CEA, Meritus, PW - Portable Welders, Tecna, Sciaky, Pei, and ProSpot.



Why do we need spot welders?

Spot welders are used often with sheet metal due to its ease of use and benefits that come with using it. Lower heat levels given off compared to other methods of welding and a much shorter welding time make it a quite attractive form of welding.

Examples of uses are:

  • Metal buckets
  • Consumable parts & automotive industry - where process can be completely automated in form of welding robots.
  • Automotive - car body repairs
  • Consumer "White Goods"

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