Westinghouse Linatrol HL Scanners. We Buy & Sell Used units

Westinghouse Linatrol Magic Eye Scanning systems were once the only way to trace a drawing for a profile plate cutting machine.

This simple Optical tracing method was quick and easy. Many cutting shops still use these and the current model offers an affordable solution.

We buy and sell Westinghouse Linatrol scanning systems, parts and spares. Contact us if you need to keep you scanning system working as we have many spares and units for sale.

Previously Westinghouse Linatrol was the Electronics Division of Westinghouse Canada. Others may remember when they were part of Northrop Grumman.

Either way, count on Linatrol Systems Inc. to provide the same reliable profile-cutting CNC solutions you have come to trust – but with several major improvements.

Today independently owned and operated they have a new “global reach” initiative, with offices in Canada, Turkey and India. Linatrol Profile & Shape Cutting Solutions now offers what most others simply cannot because of today’s cost-cutting, downsizing and outsourcing – a totally integrated profile-cutting system solution to improve your productivity in both CNC controls and Optical Tracing.

The Linatrol Westinghouse HL-90 Optical Tracing System is the system of choice for small-profile cutting machines. Its precision, ease of use, low cost and compact design have made it Linatrol’s number one selling system worldwide.

The current model HL-90 Optical Tracer help your business make the cut, simple and quick on your profile cutting machine.

The HL-90 Optical Tracing System is a complete motion control system, perfect for small-profile cutting machine applications. The compact tracing unit integrates the tracer and operator controls for ease of operation and provides output connections for two-drive units, as well as a connection to initiate cutting.

Through advanced signal processing technology and a patented rotary scanning device, the HL-90 Optical Tracing System provides consistent, dependable motion control for high-quality profile cutting. With more than 40 years’ experience, Linatrol systems deliver the powerful performance you can depend on. From Westinghouse to Northrop Grumman to Wescan Systems, the Linatrol HL-90 Optical Tracer stands the test of time.

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