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Blentech Holiday Party: A time for reflection and Jenga ninjas

The Blentech Holiday Party was held recently and we had much to reflect on this last year.  Our team gathered with our significant others to share a meal and some good cheer in traditional holiday style.  It was a great event with many happy faces of our Blentech family around each table.

Our Chairman and Founder, Darrell Horn, made a few remarks and presented a video message from our CEO, Daniel Voit.

Our CEO spoke about our Blentech family and how we all have a history, common goals and sense of community.  The strength and perseverance of our team members through these last few months has been a shining example of the best of our Blentech culture.

On each table in a clay pot there was a sprig from a tree and a few acorns from the oak trees that survived the fires on the property of long time Blentech employees where their home used to stand.

These acorns signify hope and renewal in our community and for our Blentech families affected by the devastating fires.

Our team will do our part to rebuild and repair the scarred landscape around us and feel part of helping our Blentech family and community heal, together.

Let the acorns sprout into trees that will signify growth and progress.  A great way to welcome in 2018 with hope and renewal and strength.

The night ended with some serious Jenga competition that included many different departments; however, we learned of a new skill our incredibly smart, resourceful and problem solving applications engineers also have – wicked ninja Jenga skills.

Blentech wishes you a very happy holiday season and when you’re in need of a Jenga Ninja, you know who to contact.

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