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Meat The Alternative

Plant Based Proteins

The Plant Based Protein world has seen a boom with the increasing popularity from vegetarianism, veganism, etc. While only a small percentage of the population are vegans and vegetarians, most people demand many choices when selecting how to feed themselves and their families. Many are looking for sustainable choices that either reduces or eliminates the consumption of animal based products.  Blentech is an innovator in the area of plant based proteins where different textured vegetable proteins and emulsions are combined. Tofu, edamame, chickpeas, lentils, and nutritional yeast are some of the most popular plant based products, but the options are seemingly endless with new discoveries being made all the time.

Our food science knowledge coupled with our recent R&D projects with a variety of plant based protein companies, makes Bletench a uniquely experienced company that can offer a huge advantage when it comes to equipment selection, design and engineering systems for protein alternative products.


Sarah Breen

“Now that we’ve transitioned to using the Blentech VersaTherm Cooker, we have been able to achieve an improvement in various areas of our process. As it relates to temperature, we have consistent quality and in the food safety realm the parameters around temperature for cooking. Also, our capacity has increased about ten fold transitioning to this larger cooker.”

Sarah Breen, Vice President, Operations & Manufacturing, Sweet Earth Natural Foods


no matter where you are, have confidence that your production is performing—With ARTIS™.

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