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NBBJ Forty Under 40 Winner

North Bay Business Journal Forty Under 40 – Akhilesh Pandey

Congratulations are in order for Blentech’s very own Akhilesh Pandey who has been selected as part of the 2018 class of North Bay Business Journal’s 11th annual Forty Under 40!

Akhilesh currently serves as the International Sales Manager for Blentech having quickly risen to this role through hard work and international savvy.

Akhil started at Blentech as an entry level engineer focusing on the design and testing of new technology development. He quickly rose in our ranks, being promoted to new technology start up lead roles for projects installed around the world, then to Applications Engineering management and then to the senior management position he holds today.

In his role, he has built new markets for our company developing sales outlets in China, Thailand, Germany, Poland, and South Africa to name a few.  A native from India, Akhil is conversant in 5 languages.

The job of International Sales manager requires relentless travel across Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe to earn new manufacturing business for the North Bay and build sales support systems for each new market.

There are many examples of his efforts and in recent years, he has lead our teams to earn contracts with the largest spring roll manufacturer in China as well as high efficiency prepared foods producers in Eastern Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand. These contracts normally exceed $1,000,000 for Sonoma County each totaling about 5 million in sales annually.

Akhil works patiently and persistently to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States by developing functioning international sales systems.

His leadership pioneer’s new markets for US Manufacturing and helps our company to develop new technologies.

Being an engineer, he cherishes working on wood art using a Computer Numeric Control (“CNC”) machine that he built by himself.

He designs intricate 3D models in his free time and uses his CNC to machine the wood to form beautiful art shapes.

One of this upcoming projects is to make personalized nameplates for all his colleagues and friends.

In his spare time, Akhil enjoys long-distance rollerblading along the San Francisco bay trail close to his house, traveling several miles at a time. He believes that the distance allows him to break away from his daily routine and keep fit. Rollerblading is a hobby that he has carried from a young age and continues to improve on his technique.

Congratulations Akhilesh!

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