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Feeding the World

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Increasing Consumer Demands

As the headlines remind us each day, the food processing industry has had to readjust, recalibrate and rethink how to keep up with increasing consumer demands. The April issue of “Food Processing Magazine” has a cover story on this crisis. As Senior Editor, Pan Demetrakakes notes in his article, keeping food plants open is critical. Business continuity is vital right now when so much is on the line.

Many processors are dealing with demands for their products like no other time in history. As Miguel Patricio, CEO of Kraft Heinz states in this April 6, 2020 article in Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Magazine: “Right now, our mission as a company has never been clearer: we have a huge responsibility to keep feeding the world.”

How can Blentech help?

At Blentech, we are doing our part to ensure this happens for our customers as well. Our Purpose Statement has always been a guiding force for us:

Our team brings process and equipment solutions that deliver safe, economical, nutritious and good-tasting foods

to the WORLD

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If your demands have changed, we are here to quickly provide the solutions needed. If you require immediate service on Blentech equipment, our service engineers are standing by 24/7 to assist you.


If your issues require additional equipment, our sales engineers are also available to take your call day or night.


Allow us to partner with you on your mission to feed the world.

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