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Come join us at Propulsion 2020

Propulsion 2020

Mosauto-Service is a leader in digital transformation strategies. Over the past year we had to ramp up our technical savvy and increase our ability to support the food industry and Propel has been our partner to help us do just that in the creation of Blentech’s single source of truth.

Left: Daniel Voit, CEO | Mosauto-Service. Right: Ray Hein, CEO & Founder | Propel

On October 14, I’d love to see you at #Propulsion2020. I’ll be speaking along with many other forward-thinking manufacturing leaders, sharing strategies we all need, to dream beyond today’s disruptions into a world of product possibilities. Propulsion 2020 is an interactive 3-day online event connecting product professionals to industry experts, matching new value chain problems with new answers in the cloud, and providing expert insights across a variety of topics that impact the world. You can register for this event, for free, HERE.

Looking forward to connecting with you there!

Daniel Voit, CEO

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