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ARTIS™ Technology

Blentech is thrilled to introduce ARTIS to the Food Industry! This new system can drive AI enabled data analysis through its patented contextualization engine.  This technology significantly lowers the cost of analysis.

ARTIS technology allows food processors access to artificial intelligence guidance to pinpoint losses in production.  It’s a tool to augment problem solving in their cooking or mixing operations. For food companies who prepare their food products like a chef, ARTIS gives them artisan control without compromising precise and meaningful data that high performance production need to increase productivity.

Interested in learning more on how to revolutionize your food production with Blentech’s ARTIS – AI enabled data analysis at a fraction of the cost. Pinpoint production losses and augment your problem-solving with artisan control and high precision data. Learn how to stay ahead with ARTIS and contact us for a demo today!

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