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Trends we’re looking forward to this year

Every year we look forward to what’s to come for trends in the food industry. Here are a few that Blentech is looking forward on collaborating with you on this year.

  • Pet Food – We know that pet owners want the best nutrition for their pets, and with the rise in furry friends being brought home over the last few years, we know the need is even greater for human grade pet food. Let’s connect about our cooking, cooling and mixing technologies for your pet food projects!
  • Alternative Proteins – From meat alternates, to dairy free cheese and so much more in between, we look forward to seeing what product expansions or new products come out this year as alternative proteins for all types of cuisines. With that in mind, we have many options to share with you for your alternative protein projects this year from cheese, to “meat”, to mixing and so much more.
  • Expansions in Automation in the Food Industry – Are you looking to increase your current cooking capacities while utilizing your current equipment fleet? Or perhaps you want to utilize the labor you have to more efficiently streamline your production processes? With Blentech’s ARTIS™ technologies we can work with you to automate your processes and provide you quality data to help you with your production goals.

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