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Utilize ARTIS™ Automation for Food Safety

When it comes to food production, we understand the importance of food safety for your products. With Blentech’s ARTIS™ on your team, you can automate and maintain digital records to support tracking your HACCP required data.

Blentech’s ARTIS™ capabilities can be deployed on any batch machine, whether it is a retrofit on a kettle or batch machine you currently have, upgrading your current Blentech Batch cooker or mixer, or automation on a new Blentech batch machine that you’ll be installing in your facility.

How does it work? Using these automated tools helps customers with their food safety requirements by:

  • Keeping records of temperature trends
  • Keeping records of your cook times
  • Staying on top of your thermometer calibration needs
  • Providing daily reporting to help target and isolate unpredictable problem scenarios
  • and much more

Ready to learn more about how you can use our ARTIS™ technologies on your batch machines for your food safety? Contact us today!

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