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Keith Weerts at Ignition Community Conference ’22

Keith Weerts before he spoke about
Exploring Digital Transformation

Our own Chief Technical Officer, Keith Weerts was on an industry panel this afternoon that looks to explore how he has led Blentech into a new phase of growth and large-scale digital transformation using Induction Automation.

We began using Induction Automation in 2016, due to low start-up costs, later realizing how easy it was to use, especially compared to our previous automation software. In order for Blentech to stay ahead of the curve in regards to digital transformation, we need to not only think about our customer’s needs, but also to anticipate their problems. Major issues world-wide have increased costs due to supply chain shortages, labor shortages, and inflation. With the assistance of Induction, we’ve helped our customer’s to minimize those effects. A quote from Keith at ICC22, “What we sell nowadays is not so much machines, but capacity. Blentech can help increase capacity just by looking at your data! You don’t have to buy your machines from us, but you should use us to increase capacity.” Contact Us if you feel your company could increase capacity and lower costs!

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