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Daniel Voit, FPSA Red Circle Honors award winner!

Congratulations to Blentech’s Chief Executive Officer Daniel Voit for his nomination and win of the FPSA Red Circle Honors Award – Male Ally. The Male Ally Honor recognizes a male colleague who actively supports, promotes, and develops the careers of other genders in the workforce.

From the FPSA Press Release: Daniel’s distinction lies in his proactive commitment to advancing women’s careers at Blentech. He possesses a remarkable ability to identify individual strengths and provide tailored opportunities for growth. This approach has propelled numerous female employees into new roles and leadership positions, with some reaching executive levels. Whether it is suggesting training, offering mentorship, or facilitating connections with senior leaders, Daniel consistently supports and celebrates the achievements of women at Blentech. His leadership has nurtured a culture of empowerment and open communication, ensuring that all voices are heard and valued. His impact extends beyond Blentech, as he has been instrumental in developing future female leaders in the food industry, regardless of their technical background. His support for working mothers is noteworthy, ensuring that parenthood does not hinder career advancement. Daniel’s dedication to mentoring, empowering, and advocating for women in the food industry is an enduring testament to his leadership.

This award will be presented at the FPSA Women’s Alliance Breakfast during the Process Expo trade show where Blentech will be exhibiting at booth #2527. Congratulations Dan, we are proud to celebrate you!

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