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The BlenTherm: A Revolution in Food Processing

The BlenTherm is a culinary powerhouse, capable of handling a range of cooking operations, from soups, sauces, dips, and proteins to various ethnic dishes. Its ability to perform multiple cooking operations within the same recipe, including sautéing for flavor and color development followed by the addition of liquids, makes it a versatile choice for food processing plants. This level of versatility is essential in settings where each piece of equipment must justify its value through multifunctionality and productivity.

In food production plants where space and budget are crucial, the BlenTherm stands out for its versatility and efficient design. It is available in a wider range of sizes and is built to withstand the regular expansion and contraction from repeated heating and cooling. The cooker’s steam jacket is superior in construction, offering enhanced durability and reparability. Our unique welding methods ensure deep weld penetration, and the hand polishing of continuous welds guarantees a sanitary design. Furthermore, the innovative scraper design prevents build-up on the thermal transfer surface.

The BlenTherm is equipped with ARTIS, a proprietary software platform, tailored to the current needs of food processors. This system facilitates a recipe-based batch process, guiding operators step-by-step, yet allowing flexibility for variations in raw materials. This approach ensures a high degree of consistency and repeatability in every batch. Additionally, the software’s reporting and analysis tools provide valuable insights into current and historical trends within the production processes.

Our Pre-engineered Line of BlenTherms is ideal for those processors that can use a standard design configuration. Simply choose the size and the level of automation that you prefer and select a couple of the features that are most important for your process. The complete design is already standardized, reducing the upfront time to get your unit into production.

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