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Steady-State Oil Cooking Technology


Further expanding the ContinuTherm family, the ContinuTherm.Cp(o) adds the heat transfer ability of oil to cook your product. This machine adds versatility to the line with its capability to gentle cook in oil or water. Create natural brown colors and authentic fried flavors. Effectively cook below the smoke and flash point of your cooking oils while keeping them fresher, longer by using lower temperatures and removing fine particles. If product size restricts what you cook, turn to Blentech's ContinuTherm.Cp(o) for the ability to cook without clogging screens. Its simple and versatile design reduces cleaning times while lowering maintenance and running costs to maximize ROI and improve product quality.

  • Infeed Construction

    • Technology ensures submersion for even the most buoyant product.
    • Prevents formation or clumps.
  • Controlled Recirculation System

    • Keep your oil 50% longer by removing proteins and reduce liid oxidation.
    • Prevent over and under cooking.
  • Scalable Inline Heat Exchanger

    • Accomodates a wide range of temperatures and throughout.
    • Eliminate fire risk by frying under your oils flash point reducing oil breakdown.
  • Easy Cleaning

    • Wash down machine easily with evenly spaced ports.
    • Minimize downtime by maintaining thermal processing temperature throughout the machine.
    • Avoid time consuming screen cleaning
  • Automation

    • Intuitive interface.
    • Programming for precise process control to obtain consistant, scalable results.
  • Thermal Cycling

    • Free movement of body extends equipment life.
    • All components designed to handle high thermal stresses.
  • Automated raw material handling options include bag unloaders, feeders and conveying systems.
  • Fluid recycling system for fine particles from the cooking medium.
  • High speed recirculation loop with booster for frozen products.
  • Post cook material handling system with oil removal through centrifuge or screen and cooling options.
  • Overnight oil holding and supply system to allow for cleaning.

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