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Steady-State Steam Technology


To extend the continuum of effective thermal processing machines the ContinuTherm.ΔH uses the gold standard of effective heat transfer medium, culinary steam. The Blentech ContinuTherm.ΔH is a continuous thermal screw cooker designed to provide reliable conveyance and cooking without damaging products. This machine is your solution to maintaining a saturated steam environment to fully enrobe and heat treat your products uniformly. Stop losing high value products in screens and injector ports. Blentech's steam injection headers reduce cleaning times while lowering maintenance costs. Keep energy costs down and valuable steam in for safe cooking and working environment. Have confidence in your process when you choose the Blentech ContinuTherm.ΔH

Solid Flight Agitator

  • Contains product in cooking area to ensure thorough heating.
  • Promotes product integrity.
  • Utilize lifting bars for even heat distrobution.

Top and Bottom Steam Diffusers

  • Completely envelop you product with steam to ensure even temperature dispursement.
  • Reduce product damage by using low velocity steam diffusion.

Safety Features

  • Reduce risk of injury with steam containment systems.
  • Interlocked guarding increases employee safety.

Precise Temperature Control

  • Monitor steaming process with accurate temperature measurements.
  • Maintain saturated steam environment with precision instrumentation.


  • Intuitive interface.
  • Programming for precise process control to obtain consistant, scalable results.

Thermal Cycling

  • Free movement of body extends equipment life.
  • All components designed to handle high thermal stresses.
  • Automated raw material handling options include bag unloaders, feeders and conveying systems.
  • Ingredient addition systems for recipes that include liquid, powder and solid inclusions.
  • Post cook material handling system with dewatering screen and cooling options.
  • Culinary steam filtration system to remove impurities.
  • Air curtain for retaining steam.
  • Additional cleaning options like CIP.
  • Multiple inlet port options for ingredient addition.
  • Side, bottom, pump, and auger discharge constructions.
  • Recipe management for ease of access and product consistency.

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