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Digital Tools Enable Collaboration

Blentech’s CEO, Daniel Voit, recently collaborated with Tara McHugh, Contributing Editor, Processing column, published an article in Food Technology Magazine. In that article, Off-Site But On Track: Digital Tools Enable Operations, they bring up topics that relate to communications in business as well as the roles that technology can play.

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Blentech has always had a team of very innovative, creative thinkers who can come together to collaboratively problem solve.  In 2020, the global pandemic put those skills to the test as the entire world moved out of face-to-face office work to a remote work-based work force.  Faced with travel bans, limited abilities for in-person meetings, and working remotely with our team members, Blentech realized the importance of our digital tools in order to work together while working apart.  The result?  Timelier communication, information collection and communication systems shared by all, and tools to track measurements and results with all parties involved.

The way we work to meet our end goals may have changed, but our fundamental building blocks have remained the same.  We have continued to connect people involved in our processes, to identify steps and stages of progress, to use information collection systems and to, create a framework to track our results.  The use of Cloud Technologies and video conferencing systems have allowed us to stay true to these building blocks.

Tools such as group chats, video conferencing, real time data streaming, visual management tools such as Gantt Charts or project management web pages such as Basecamp, have been instrumental in the way that Blentech can continue to have remote project management with our customers.  We are able to provide you real time updates with the progress on your projects, and stay in constant communication throughout the process to ensure you know what’s going on daily with your project.  Using these systems ensures we are in constant communication with those involved on our platforms, and coupled with video conferencing, ensures that we are hitting our marks with our procedural work, while also working creatively in all capacities.

These tools also allow us to continue our activities that would traditionally happen in person. Testing at our Blentech Innovation Center, or new equipment startups that were once solely in person, can now creatively happen remotely thanks to real time data streaming, smartphones, video conferencing and laptop computers.

The pandemic has revealed a valuable lesson: we can continue to stay connected even at a distance.  Blentech will continue to forge forward with our new tools and technologies to ensure our teams are aligned.

You can read more about Daniel and Tara’s thoughts on digital tools in the workplace in the online version of IFT’s Food Technology magazine article

The full article, “Off-Site But On Track: Digital Tools Enable Operations” originally appeared in the September 2020 issue and is included here with permission of Food Technology.

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